About (1 of 1)I’m Chris, and I’m an editorial photographer based in San Luis Obispo, on the beautiful central coast of California. Welcome to my little home on the web.

Pictures have always had a powerful effect on me – my eyes are drawn to them like iron filings to a magnet. I’m the kind of person who will flip through a magazine and look at every photograph before I read a single word. I guess you would say that I’m very visually oriented. My specialty is graphic portraiture – photographs of people that convey a little bit of story about the person in the picture.

I’ve been carrying around a camera of one kind or another for well over a decade. Film, digital, iPhone, whatever. I shoot with anything that will make pictures.

People who do innovative and creative things inspire me to do my best work. People like athletes, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other folks who accomplish interesting and amazing things that change the way that we all see the world.  But everyone has a creative outlet, an interesting hobby, or a big idea that they want to share with the rest of the world. All you have to do is ask to hear someone’s story, and they’re just about always thrilled to share it. I love learning about peoples’ interests and motivations, and trying to showcase them in my photographs.