Amanda, Test Shots - San Luis Obispo

Good. Now that I have your attention...

Amanda and I did some commercial-style test shots a couple weeks ago. In a situation like this, a photographer and a model generally both want to experiment with a style or look that they haven't worked with before, and the shots aren't necessarily the kind of thing that either would go around showing off. In this case though, I was really happy with some of the images we made. The first show below, you can totally imagine in an advertisement. The bottom one less so, but Amada's intensity is just awesome.

After we shot outside, I put Amanda on my seamless, just for kicks. This was Amanda's first time shooting on a backdrop. It's something I really like to do, because it forces the subject and the photographer to bring the attitude, rather than relying on the setting to provide it. Amanda brought the attitude, for sure.