Yume - Shandon

Last week I went up to Shandon Chapel with Yume. The chapel is a marvelous location in the sparsely populated center of San Luis Obispo County. Yume is a local model who had some new clothes that she wanted to show in her modeling portfolio. I've shot at the chapel once before, and was excited to have another opportunity to work with some of the graphic elements of the building. Plus, my friend Robb Albrecht had worked with Yume before, so I knew in advance that she'd be a lot of fun to shoot with.

The final image is one that I've tried to make before, several years ago, with another subject. I couldn't get it to work as well as I wanted at that time, but this time I was able to dial it in much closer to what I see in my head, with Yume.

I'll probably still be back, though.