Bersbach Holiday Card 2018

This year’s holiday card concept was 100% Brittany’s brainchild. “You know, honey, we look kind of like Mulder and Scully...” She’s not wrong, although in retrospect, I should’ve ditched my glasses. Thankfully, this was also the first card in a number of years that didn’t require much post-production work. (Actually, looking back, this is our first card ever featuring an image shot in a single frame.)


I wonder how many of the hundred-plus folks to whom we sent copies of the card had absolutely no idea what the hell is supposed to be going on. Hopefully it’s a fun one, even if you aren’t a child of the 90s.

Here’s hoping everyone has a spoooooooooky Christmas and a very happy new year!

…and for anyone interested in going down the rabbit hole, you can see our collection of previous holiday cards right here.