Bersbach Holiday Card 2017

In contrast to last year's card, which we made in an uncharacteristically fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants manner, this year's card was planned well in advance. Notwithstanding the need for a quick side-trip to Target to buy some props on our way up to Bishop's Peak, we had the composition of the card fully sketched-out, as well as all the logistics that would be required to get both Brittany and I - as well as all of our climbing and photography equipment - up the wall and in position for the photo (this last bit was my job).

Our car-to-car time to make this picture was north of three hours, but I think the results justify the effort. Plus I got a cool new pair of shoes out of the deal.

Happy holidays and a very happy new year!

Summer Vacation - Dinotopia

I wrote about the first half of our summer vacation - the eclipseapocalypse - in my last post. A total solar eclipse is a tough act to follow, so the obvious choice was to go looking for dinosaurs. First stop: Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite. (In the wider photo a fairly distinct three-toed footprint can be seen about a meter in front of Suzie's feet.)

After many hours of driving across Wyoming, including a stop at Devil's Tower, we arrived in Belle Fourche, South Dakota to go digging for fossils.

This dig site is in the Hell Creek formation, which is a geologic formation that dates back to the end of the Cretaceous period, about 66 million years ago. It's lousy with fossils, including turtles and alligators, fish, and dinosaurs like Triceratops, hadrosaurs, raptors, and even the most recognizable dinosaur of all, Tyrannosaurus rex. We spent two days digging with paleontologist Walter Stein, and excavated a bunch of neat fossils. I'll eventually photograph some of our coolest finds and share them here.

The actual digging is super hard hard, and it turns out all us amateurs strike pretty much the same pose while we're digging:

After two long days at the dig site we were totally beat. Walter, however, has been doing this for years, so he knows all too well that inefficient work can take a toll on the body. Here, he demonstrates the proper relaxed posture for cleaning a fossil.

If a couple days of backbreaking work in the hot sun of South Dakota looks fun (and I can say without hesitation that it is), I recommend checking out Walter's paleontology tourism company PaleoAdventures for yourself.

Summer Vacation - Eclipseapocalypse

This summer Brittany and I, along with two good friends, traveled to Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota to visit Yellowstone, see the total solar eclipse, catch up with an old friend, and dig up some dinosaur bones. These are some images from the first half of that trip, with more to come from the second half eventually. After flying into Idaho Falls, we did a whirlwind tour of Yellowstone, investigating all kinds of geothermal features, and narrowly avoiding being eaten by a bear.

Then we returned to Idaho, making our way to Driggs, to meet up with Greg, a San Luis Obispo expat. The property that Greg lives on is dead-center on the line of totality for the 2017 eclipse.

But Greg had other things in mind of the eclipse - he took us north, to a special spot he'd staked out well in advance.

In the photos above and below, you can see why Greg picked this spot - we were treated to a breathtaking view of the total solar eclipse over the western vista of the Teton range. The image below was the best I could manage, guessing the correct exposure on the Hassy SWC, but you can see a gorgeous version of roughly same perspective on Ben Horton's Instagram.

Vacation - Tuolumne Meadows

Earlier this summer Brittany and I spent a long weekend in Tuolumne Meadows and on the east side of the Sierra. It was Brittany's first time there.

We found a really awesome campsite in Inyo National Forest, south of Mono Lake.

Mono Lake is so salty that the water feels viscous and slippery.

It also doesn't taste as good as you might think.

Tenaya Lake, in Tuolumne Meadows, is much more pleasant to take a dip in (if much, much colder).

These images were made with my Hasselblad SWC, which has quickly become my favorite carry-around camera.

SLO GranFondo Sneak Peek - San Luis Obispo

SLO GranFondo Peloton I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to be out for the second annual SLO GranFondo. I was out on the course all day on behalf of SLO Alpha, who hosts the race to raise money in support of the free pregnancy and parenting support that they provide throughout San Luis Obispo County. That seems like a pretty worthy cause, right?

I'm going to be going through a few hundred photos over the next couple weeks, but I wanted to provide a little teaser: some portraits that I shot of a few riders during the post-race festival.

Ancient Peaks Mountain Bike Race - Santa Margarita

In July my friends at All Out Events put on the Ancient Peaks Classic mountain bike race, hosted by Ancient Peaks Winery on their beautiful rance in Santa Margarita, CA. The folks at All Out are some of my favorite local business owners to work with, since I get primo access to their awesome events in order to make pictures. As you can see from the photos that follow, the setting of the race was unbelievable, and it was a ton of fun to be on site to shoot it.

Saturday was the cross-country event, and Sunday featured an epic downhill course. You could not pay me enough money to try and ride that downhill course. I had enough trouble navigating parts of it on foot.