And Now My Dad is a Cowboy

For Christmas this year my dad asked for an "old-timey picture" of himself. With his horse. And maybe his gun. blog post (2 of 3)

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We shot these on my Hasselblad, using three or four rolls of various expired films that I'd collected. I'm pretty pleased with the results, and I have prints shipping out to him this week, so hopefulyl he will be as well (even if they are much delayed from Christmas).

One interesting result was the last roll we shot - an almost twenty-year-old roll of [I think] Russian 3200 film. I thought I had another roll in the freezer that I could check the label on, but alas, I appear to have lost my "metadata." I had no idea if the film would even come out, but I used it in the dying light, exposed it at about 800 ISO, assuming that in the best case it probably would have degraded somewhat, and boy was I right. Even at 800, it was super underexposed, with results that only the hippest of Instagram filters could replicate.

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Happy Christmas - Palo Cedro

Happy Christmas, all. I'm reporting live from my parents' ranch in Northern California, where my girlfriend Brittany and I are spending the holiday with my folks. On Christmas morning we got a break in the otherwise stormy weather, and walked up the road where we picked rose hips from the wild roses to make jam. I suggested that we should have a contest to see who collected the most (my mom won), and afterwards, Brittany wanted photos of each of us with our bounty. I set up a little studio next to the kitchen, and the resulting photos are attached.

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