This Is a Post About Pencils

pencils 1 Over the past few years, in tiny fits and starts, I've been working on a portfolio of still life compositions (still 90% a work in progress). I must have bought these #2 pencils in 2011 or 2012, thinking that they might make an interesting visual arrangement. It took me the better part of two years to get around to photographing them, and even though I'm not sure how interesting the end result is, it was inexplicably satisfying to create a backdrop with exactly the "right" tone of blue, and then to measure and space everything out in order to make a picture of... some pencils lined up just so.

The more I shoot, and the more I review the images I've shot, the more I am coming to understand that a lot of my interest in photography stems from a strong desire to organizing things visually. Functional OCD is my special sauce.

pencils 5

pencils 4

pencils 7

SLO Donut Company - San Luis Obispo

We get donuts from SLO Donut Company at the office much more often than we should. SLO Donut Company (shortened to SLO Do Co by locals) is a great little café-style shop, right on my way to the office, that's open 24/7. That is way too often to be tempted by fried dough covered in sugar.

I've always liked the color of that classic, Platonic donut, dipped in pink frosting and covered in sprinkles, so when I found this gorgeous pink paper, I decided to make some pictures.

SLO Donut Company

As with my earlier post about local chocolatier Sweet Earth Chocolates, this image was inspired by some of the beautiful photography by Deborah Jones in Thomas Keller’s cookbook, Ad Hoc At Home.

Sweet Earth Chocolates - San Luis Obispo

I can't believe I haven't posted any new work here since the beginning of the year. I'd love to say that it's because I've been busy helping Brittany plan our wedding, because that sounds very reasonable and responsible. But, being honest, my excuse is chickens, and the other assorted backyard (and frontyard) projects that we've started since our move to "the country."

A couple months ago I shot these images of some of Sweet Earth Chocolates' tasty treats. Their shop is just half a block down the street from my office, and it can be difficult to avoid the temptation to go there too often. Haven't been? Go check them out, and if you're a fan of mint and chocolate, definitely don't miss the peppermint patties.

The concept for these images was inspired by some of the beautiful photography by Deborah Jones in Thomas Keller's cookbook, Ad Hoc At Home.